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New York’s Changing Electorate: What It Means for the Mayoral Candidates

Jun 16, 2013

Most New York citizens of voting age do not vote — and they definitely do not vote in mayoral primaries or elections. That means this year’s candidates, If they have any

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What The Next City Council Will Likely Look Like

Nov 19, 2012

The next City Council will likely be demographically similar to the current one, though there may be an increase in both Asian and Latino membership. That is one of the main

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New Plan For City Council Districts

Nov 16, 2012

NEW YORK — A new proposed map for New York City Council district lines addresses some concerns of civil rights groups and reflects changing demographics, while also safeguarding incumbents. But the

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Proposed City Council District Map Protects Incumbents

Nov 15, 2012

Editor's note: This commentary is based on the preliminary lines that were released before Thursday night's meeting by the Districting Commission. We will be updating it with additional information as

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Queens Groups Are Divided Over District Lines

Jan 20, 2012

District Lines by Common Cause With the preliminary redistricting maps to be announced next week, tensions are rising in Queens, where communities are split along legislative lines and rival plans to

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10 Years Later: Enumerating the Loss at Ground Zero

Sep 08, 2011

Photo by Joshua Schwimmer The direct losses to New York and the United States from the World Trade Center attack are incalculable when one considers the personal and emotional loss

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Under a New Name, Census Data Stands Ready for Perusal

Aug 11, 2011

Photo by PaulSh The 2010 census has been rolling out since February with New York state getting the first of its data on March 24 and more data releases during the

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