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Will Community Bans on Hydrofracking Hold Up?

Dec 18, 2011

Photo by Bennett V Protestors in Albany demand a ban on hydraulic fracturing. Communities across the state have passed legislation banning the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. The movement brings up

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City Rules Could Transplant Gardens

Nov 02, 2011

Photo by The Local Advocates worry that city rules enacted in 2011 could leave some community garden plots open to development. While New York City adopts increasingly progressive measures to promote sustainability,

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On Fracking, the Cuomo Administration Must Slow Down

Oct 07, 2011

Photo by William Swet Critics say hydraulic fracturing has caused damage to communities and the environment in neighboring states. Here, a truck near Dimock Penn., carries pipe to be used in

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On Fracking, the Cuomo Administration Strikes a Balance

Oct 07, 2011

Photo by William Sweet While New York has been considering wehteh to allow gas drilling, many sites have been developed in adjoining states, such as this one near Dimock, Penn. (For an

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Food Revolution Prompts Entrepreneurs to Make It in New York

Jul 28, 2011

Photos by Julia Vitullo-Martin Danny Lyu makes Mexican sandwiches at Entrepreneur Space in Queens and sells them at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Despite once being a legendary city for food manufacturing --

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Food Policy Offers Tasty Morsels, Not a Complete Meal

Jul 25, 2011

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdb/ Tiffany B Red Hook's Added Valaue Farm provides work and training for area teenagers while growing healthy food in a community where that can be hard to come

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School Boilers Set to Go from Filthy to Not Quite So Filthy

Jul 21, 2011

Photo by Ian Westcott An old public service announcement in the subways advised New Yorkers to keep their furnaces clean. Decades later, building boilers still account for a major share

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From Garbage Dump to Energy Source

Jul 05, 2011

Photo by James Dunn Since the Fresh Kills Landfill closed in 2001, city and state officials have begun trying to turn it into a park, but the process will take decades. For

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Budget Cuts Could Beach Some City Swimmers

Jun 08, 2011

Photo by Jason Lewis, Gotham Gazette With four pools facing closure, Brooklyn's Double-D Pool could look like this all summer long. The heat of the late-afternoon sun beats down on the dry

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