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Natural Gas

Oct 11, 2003

 The natural gas that boiled the water for a cup of tea on a stove in Queens Village last night began its journey near Nova Scotia some 140 million years


The Power Broker Revisited

Aug 18, 2003

  At a recent meeting in the Lower East Side about how to spend remaining federal funds to rebuild lower Manhattan, a group of protesters gathered outside, angry about how the


Environmental Impact of Rebuilding Lower Manhattan

Aug 15, 2003

  A new and possibly more contentious phase of the Lower Manhattan rebuilding effort is now beginning, as formal environmental reviews for key elements of the unprecedented reconstruction projects move into the


Studying How To Avoid Blackouts

Aug 11, 2003

  New York's blackouts are legendary. In 1965, a single transmission line failed in Toronto, Canada setting off a domino effect that within 15 minutes left 30 million people from


Death of Seneca Village

Jul 21, 2003

  West Drive near 85th Street in Central Park, the site of Seneca Village. Central Park at 150 ......................... Overview: Still a Pioneer Art in the Park: Our Project for the Park by Christo and Jeanne-Claude History: »


An Escape from Reality

Jul 21, 2003

  Sledding Central Park.William Glackens, 1912, oil on canvas. Central Park at 150 ......................... Overview: Still a Pioneer Art in the Park: Our Project for the Park by


Recycling Revived

Jul 18, 2003

 When Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as part of the last-minute budget negotiations with the City Council, agreed to resume plastic recycling (suspended a year ago), end the suspension of



Jul 07, 2003

  When 57-year-old Alberta Spruill died after a botched police raid on her Harlem apartment in May, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly reacted immediately. Kelly apologized for her