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Aging in a New Era

Mar 17, 2008

Photo courtesy of Administration on Aging Aging has come of age. By 2030, according to the Bloomberg administration, New York's over-60 population, now at 1.3 million, will increase by 44 percent. The

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A Treatment that Follows Drug Users

Dec 14, 2007

Traditional drug treatment for teens often means being sent to an inpatient facility, far from family and friends. The young people might stop abusing drugs but then, soon after they

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Helping Abuse Victims Keep Their Children

Nov 07, 2007

One night in 1999, Sharwline Nicholson’s former boyfriend showed up at her house and assaulted her when she opened the door. While she was in the hospital being treated for

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The Catch-22 of Subsidized Day Care

Sep 24, 2007

United Community Child Care Center in East New York. (Photo by: Tara Siegel) For thousands of hardworking low-income New Yorkers with preschool children, the stress and financial burdens of finding

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Insuring New York's Children

Sep 17, 2007

Lanette Murphy is raising four children on the Lower East Side, one with a form of autism and two with chronic asthma, by herself. At one point when a health

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New York's Family Treatment Court

Sep 12, 2007

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, a parent in Manhattan Family Treatment Court faced Judge Gloria Sosa-Lintner. In a courtroom the size of an ordinary living room, the parent, a recovering

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Too Few Jobs for Youth

Sep 04, 2007

New York City recently concluded its Summer Youth Employment Program, a highly regarded city-run initiative that placed more than 41,000 New Yorkers ages 14 to 21 into publicly subsidized temporary

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Cash Incentives for the Poor

Aug 28, 2007

For years government has given money to poor people. Usually the payment has been based on need—income, number of children, expenses and so one. Now Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken

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Foster Care System Gives Parents a Bigger Role

Jun 06, 2007

When Philneia Timmons’ children were placed in foster care, the last thing Timmons felt like doing was the one thing she was required to do to get her kids back

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Helping Foster Children Become Better Parents

Apr 19, 2007

Amy Cooper sits in a circle with seven pregnant women and one new mother demonstrating the techniques of infant massage. Massage, she explains, can be a valuable tool to help

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