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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Guns, the Supreme Court and New York

Jul 28, 2008

Photo (cc) horizontal.integration After Rashawn Handsome of Brooklyn was arrested for keeping three handguns in a sneaker box in his apartment -- without any license for them -- his Legal Aid


Safety on Site -- or In Sight?

Jun 09, 2008

The buildings department just might be Mayor Michael Bloomberg's brooding, dark shadow -- he can't seem to escape the destruction that plagues it. Already in the first six months of 2008


Can New York Break Its Incarceration Habit?

Jun 03, 2008

  Photo (cc) Yoshi Rochester detention center It’s an experiment that has arguably run its course. In the last 20 years, states across the country have quadrupled their spending on jails and prisons


Taking the Next Steps in Juvenile Justice

Jun 02, 2008

 Over the past few years, New York City has undertaken an impressive transformation of its juvenile justice system. Breaking from the policies of the previous mayor, the Bloomberg administration has


Looking at Incarceration

Jun 02, 2008

Photo (cc) Still Burning One percent of all American adults are now in prison or jail, the Pew Center on the States reported earlier this year. That's more than 2.3


For Juveniles, Alternatives to Incarceration

Jun 02, 2008

Last year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged the most sweeping reform in decades to the City’s juvenile justice system which would reduce the average length of stay in detention, create alternatives


Stated Meeting: A New Fire Code and Surplus

Jun 02, 2008

Who knew there were provisions for wagons and regulations for kite flying around the city's telegraph system within the city's fire code. Well, no more. After a three-year review, the City Council


The High Price of Counterfeit Goods

Mar 31, 2008

Photo (cc) Anthony Catalano Despite police raids, Chinatown shoppers still find counterfeit goods. The results of last month's Chinatown raid were dramatic: over $1 million in seized counterfeit goods, 32 illegal vendors


Delving the Murky World of Police Informants

Feb 20, 2008

It all started with a careless conversation between two police officers. Last September, Brooklyn South narcotics officer Sean Johnstone told a fellow officer that he had paid his confidential informants with

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