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Criminal Justice

A Legal Victory for Tenants

Jul 21, 2009

Photo (cc) sardinista "Your aged parents or your home" is not a choice anyone would want to face, especially when your parents are 78 and 80, and your New York apartment


The Race to Fill Morgenthau's Shoes

Jul 20, 2009

Image by Ya-Hsuan Huang In 1975, U.S. troops finally left Vietnam, a not-yet-20-year-old Bill Gates launched Microsoft, and the Weather Underground and Symbionese Liberation Army were seen as terrorist threats. As


Parents in Prison, Children in Foster Care

Jul 20, 2009

Photo (cc) Robert Crum Jacob Gunther was just a toddler when the state removed him from his home. But when he finally reconnected with his mother as a teenager, dim memories


Political Intrigue in a Personal Injury Case

Jun 30, 2009

When Jashar Maliqi, 43, left Kosovo and entered the United States in 2003 via Canada, he possessed no valid documents authorizing him to be in this country. In other words,


Staying Out of Jail -- and in Upper Manhattan

Jun 08, 2009

Photo (cc) Netream Every year, hundreds of inmates released from New York State prisons return to the streets of upper Manhattan. Many will not remain in the neighborhood for long. Instead,


New York's Gun Battle

May 18, 2009

Photo (cc) .::LINUZ::. GUNS AND THE MENTALLY ILL On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech Campus. It marked the single largest loss of life


The End of the Rockefeller Era

Apr 27, 2009

Gotham Gazette image by Ya-Hsuan Huang Thirty-five years after New York's criminal justice system was invaded by a misguided and counterproductive legislative scheme to fight the "war on drugs," there is

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