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Public Safety

The Real Gangs of New York

Mar 05, 2001

At a recent public forum at City Council, police, school officials, politicians, and other experts offered their best guesses as to why the number of gang members in the city

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Comissioner Bernard Kerik and the three priorities

Mar 01, 2001

It has been a good six months for Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. The police department released data showing that major crimes (murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and

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Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

Feb 26, 2001

Elaine Bartlett was a 26-year-old mother of four living in East Harlem when she was sentenced to 20-to-life for selling four ounces of cocaine to an informant. It was her

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Lessons and Legacy of Amadou Diallo

Feb 01, 2001

The sad saga of the Amadou Diallo case in the American criminal justice system has come to an end with the Jan. 31 announcement by the Justice Department that it

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School safety

Dec 01, 2000

A new statewide law, the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Law will take effect. Though it is credited with being the most aggressive legislation of its kind in the

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Election Special: Who's Tougher on Crime?

Oct 01, 2000

Though candidates always promise to get tough on crime, most this campaign season have replaced any actual discussion of crime policy with more pressing "me" issues (such as: How will

The Courts of New York Explained

Sep 11, 2000

Also in the series: The Judges Game Gotham Gazette's newest interactive game lets you see if you've got what it takes for the Brooklyn bench. A System in Need of

Kerik's Recipe for Success

Sep 01, 2000

During Howard Safir's tenure as police commissioner, the city enjoyed some of the lowest crime rates in recent history. That decrease in crime, ironically, might create some greater challenges for

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National Night Out and Community Policing

Aug 01, 2000

The last year has been a difficult one for the New York Police Department: the police shootings of Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond; the subsequent acquittal of the officers involved

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Red Hook Community Justice Center

Jul 01, 2000

The defendant, charged with drug possession, walked to the front of the courtroom, her head down, her hands clasped behind her back, as Judge Alex Calabrese peered down at her,

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