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Public Safety

A Report On Violent Teen Relationships

Sep 03, 2003

 Children who witness violence between their parents are at the greatest risk for becoming victims of violence themselves in teenage and young adult romantic relationships, according to a

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Aug 08, 2003

  Also in the series: The Judges Game Gotham Gazette's newest interactive game lets you see if you've got what it takes for the Brooklyn bench. The Courts of New York ExplainedAn overview by

Murder in City Hall

Jul 25, 2003

In the short time since Councilmember James Davis was murdered July 23rd in the City Council's chambers on the second floor of City Hall, New Yorkers have struggled to make

When To End A Child's Life Support

Jul 11, 2003

 Last New Year's Eve, a three-year-old child in Brooklyn suddenly collapsed, had a seizure and was rushed to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. The doctors inserted a tube in her

NYC'S Blue Laws

May 26, 2003

When the Harlem store Palace Liquors opened one particular day this week, it was a moment that some New Yorkers had wanted for more than three centuries. That is because