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Op-Ed: A Democracy We Can Believe In

Apr 05, 2013

I have participated in a dozen budget debates since taking office. Each year, I have worked with my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to make sure that the executive

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The Next Mayor Needs To Make Job Creation A Priority

Mar 21, 2013

Okay, stop us if you’ve heard this one: A guy walks into a New York City employment assistance office. He’s just been laid off, and he’s terrified. At the assistance

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We Need a Public Health Mayor

Mar 12, 2013

When I walk around the city, listen to people describe their experiences, and observe my own family members, I grow disheartened. Too many New Yorkers are unhealthy because they have

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Taking A Stand To Restore Paralysis Research in New York State

Feb 26, 2013

There seems to be no greater punishment than paralysis. It’s easy, lazy even, for me to say -- so many people struggle with horrific illnesses and severe physical challenges. It’s impossible

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Why Grassroots Activism Matters to New York City

Feb 03, 2013

  New York City is simply not working for a large percentage of the population. In Manhattan, the top 20 percent of families earn forty times more than the bottom 20

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