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Why Grassroots Activism Matters to New York City

Feb 03, 2013

  New York City is simply not working for a large percentage of the population. In Manhattan, the top 20 percent of families earn forty times more than the bottom 20

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Guest Commentary: The Unity Map and City Council Redistricting

Sep 07, 2012

NEW YORK — The redistricting battles are here again. Every 10 years, the New York City Council embarks upon a quasi-independent process of redrawing its legislative boundaries to comport with

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Commentaries '99-03

Jan 18, 2012

Cooking With Gas (10/13/03) Once viewed as a pesky nuisance, natural gas has become more and more in demand - and more and more expensive. Sam Williams follows the journey

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On Fracking, the Cuomo Administration Must Slow Down

Oct 07, 2011

Photo by William Swet Critics say hydraulic fracturing has caused damage to communities and the environment in neighboring states. Here, a truck near Dimock Penn., carries pipe to be used in

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On Fracking, the Cuomo Administration Strikes a Balance

Oct 07, 2011

Photo by William Sweet While New York has been considering wehteh to allow gas drilling, many sites have been developed in adjoining states, such as this one near Dimock, Penn. (For an

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City Shuts the 'Box' to Open Job Opportunities

Sep 26, 2011

Photo by Andy Dayton It's daunting enough to look for a job when there are over four unemployed workers for every opening. It's even harder when you desperately want work but

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Schneiderman's Voice Needed in Foreclosure Talks

Sep 16, 2011

Photo by the Office of the Attorney General After he pressed for allowing prosecution of banks, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was booted from a committee of his fellow state attorneys generals

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