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Community Schools Will Succeed If Parents Are Engaged

Jun 27, 2014

The author, left, and Chancellor Fariña make a school visit Last week, Mayor de Blasio announced he is ready to move on his pledge to open 100 community schools by the

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At A Hearing On Veterans Affairs, Missed Opportunities

Jun 26, 2014

MOVA Commissioner Terrance Holliday & his deputy at Monday's hearing (Mario Figueroa of United War Veterans) On Monday, the New York City Council Committee on Veterans, chaired by Council Member Eric

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Hynes' Dubious Battle

Jun 19, 2014

Former Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes (Bryan Thomas for the New York Times) As revealed by the recent Department of Investigation inquiry, former Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes spent a significant amount of

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A Free-Market Solution To The Affordable Housing Crisis

Jun 18, 2014

Hammel Houses, NYCHA (wikimedia) Mayor de Blasio's recently released affordable housing plan is extensive and forward thinking – but also extremely expensive. The 200,000 units it envisions are estimated to cost

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New York City's Classroom Space Crunch

Jun 17, 2014

(photo: Michael Albans) Last week Class Size Matters released a new report, Space Crunch, which analyzes the school overcrowding crisis in New York City, and points out the need to improve

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Vergara's Shaky Significance

Jun 15, 2014

The students of Vergara (Monica Almeida/NY Times) A June 10th lower court decision in Vergara v. California found that five California teacher employment statutes violate the State Constitution's Equal Protection Clause

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New York City Must Care for Seniors

Jun 13, 2014

Council Member Helen Rosenthal speaks at a rally in support of seniors (ALIGN) Take a close look around your neighborhood and your house of worship and you'll see an aging city.

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Closer to Home

Jun 12, 2014

A family visit made possible by the Osborne Association The evidence that children love and need their parents is all around us. That evidence is a lot less visible when it

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