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Health Care Changes Could Hurt New York

Feb 10, 2003

So far, 2003 is proving to be a hot year for health policy developments, both locally and nationally. Here is an update: Unfortunately, most of the dire budget predictions made here


The Nursing Shortage

Feb 10, 2003

Joanne Rosenberg has been a registered nurse at North Shore Hospital in Forest Hills, Queens, for almost 30 years. Her job has always been difficult, but today as she scrambles


Smallpox Vaccine

Jan 07, 2003

In late January, New York City will receive 15,000 doses of smallpox vaccine to begin voluntary vaccination of health care workers as part of President Bush's homeland security initiative. If vaccination


The Brooklyn Mental Health Court

Nov 01, 2002

  "A young fellow in his third year of college had a psychotic break," Judge Matthew D'Emic recounts. The man began hearing voices, which spoke to him through the TV and


Artists And Health Insurance

Oct 01, 2002

  The nation's looming health care crisis -- 40 million without health insurance, insurance premiums rising, and benefits being reduced -- has made headlines of late. The most startling news is


Coping With 9/11

Mar 01, 2002

Some 500,000 people are believed to have developed post-traumatic stress disorder in New York following the fall of the World Trade Center, according to the Journal of the American Medical


Child Health Plus

Oct 01, 2001

Tanya Keys never noticed the four smiling babies dressed in furry angel wings. Yet these spokesbabies are part of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign out to enroll city kids into


Suicide Prevention

Jul 01, 2001

  Yobanna Genao was a 36-year old court reporter earning an impressive salary and raising three children on her own when, in 1997, she contracted a chronic illness that eventually made


In The News: Community Mental Health

Feb 01, 2000

Someone is violently attacked or pushed in front of a subway train, prompting outrage and alarm about dangerous people on the streets - many of whom, it turns out, sought