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The Pro-Life Agenda

Jan 27, 2003

  There is very good news and very bad news for the pro-life movement and the people for whom we speak. The great news is that the number of abortions has


Nonpartisan Elections And Charter Revision

Jan 22, 2003

A recent article in the New York Post quoted a mayoral aide as saying that Michael Bloomberg is planning to appoint a charter revision commission to study the issue of


Putting City Documents Online

Jan 16, 2003

The Giuliani administration was criticized for its poor relations with the media -- until September 11 -- and for failing to make key government documents public. In particular, last February,


The Council's Plan

Jan 16, 2003

(The City Council Education Committee has drawn up its own proposal for what should replace community school boards. Although committee chair Eva Moskowitz and committee member Bill de Blasio presented


Parent Engagement Boards: Five Principles

Jan 16, 2003

(Excerpted from Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott's testimony to the Task Force on School Governance Reform on January 16.) To build community and parental involvement, the Department of Education has embarked on


3 1 1

Jan 13, 2003

  The author Calvin Trillin has said that while Eskimos have 58 words for snow, New Yorkers have just two ways to express approval -- "not so bad" and "it could


New York City Council Redistricting

Jan 13, 2003

  The latest round of redistricting plans were presented to the City Council on December 16, 2002. The third round of public hearings begin February 3. A final plan must be


Ticket Scalping

Jan 12, 2003

Say you want to see Janet Jackson this summer, and so does your cousin. You live in Brooklyn; your cousin lives in Chicago. Tickets for concerts in both cities went



Jan 12, 2003

With races for the United States Senate and the Presidency running neck-and-neck, New Yorkers reside in a special hell this year -- a polling hell. If the election were being