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In The News: Trashing the Littoral

Jun 01, 2000

 Few New Yorkers are aware that the waterfront begins at their doorstep. In fact, the quality of City beaches and water is related to consumption and use of water


In The News: Pier Pressure

May 01, 2000

 In recent weeks, while the weather still spoke more of winter than spring, the Hudson River Park Trust severed a number of Hudson River piers. With little fanfare, HRPT contractors


Solid Waste

Apr 10, 2000

THE LOWDOWN: Until the mid-1980s, New York City disposed of virtually all of its garbage locally: burying it in landfills or burning it in incinerators. Since then, with time running out


In The News: Waterfront Primer

Apr 01, 2000

 The City's waterways are a maritime crossroads for a varied group of users and uses. These can generally be divided into six categories: organizational, economic and commercial, historic, environmental,