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Restoring Balance to New York's Finances

Mar 29, 2010

New York needs a five-year plan to address its structural budget imbalance. Because the New York State budget crisis emerged during a national recession, people often think that the budget gaps


Sick Leave Back at the Council

Mar 25, 2010

Photo (cc) 2009 StevenBrisson (For an update with more details on the new bill, see A Right to Be Sick in The Wonkster.) Get ready to push replay on the debate over


What the Mayor's Management Report Does Not Say

Mar 15, 2010

The quiet release in February of the Preliminary Mayor's Management Report for FY 2010 -- a mandated report intended as a mid-year review and adjustment of mayoral budget plans --


Labor Dispute Silences Spanish at E-ZPass Center

Mar 09, 2010

Last month, colleagues began telling Maria Rizera -- one of 16 Spanish-speaking workers at the Staten Island E-ZPass call center -- that, unless she began taking calls in English only,


Richard Ravitch's Latest, Greatest Challenge

Feb 24, 2010

The din of lobbyists and legislators pressing flesh, asking for favors, making promises and issuing assurances floats into Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch's office. The Monday after the week-long Presidents' Day


The Living Wage After Kingsbridge

Jan 15, 2010

Photo (cc) silverlinedwinnebego A fast food worker makes fries   First came Kingsbridge: A highly unusual vote at the City Council, which shattered an approximately $300 million proposal from the Related Companies to


Job Creation Bills to be on Washington's Agenda in 2010

Dec 21, 2009

Photo from Eastern Washington U Hopeful visitors at a university career fair. Graduates are facing the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression. This month marks the second anniversary of the onset


Sour Holiday

Dec 14, 2009

Photo Courtney Gross   Holiday cheer seemed to echo across the country Friday when the U.S. Census Bureau announced retail sales had increased 1.3 percent in November compared to the previous month. Strike


Cutting Spending as Revenues Rise

Nov 30, 2009

Photo (cc) Samuel Huron Wall Street gains are a chief reason for the surprise increase in this year's tax revenues. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s November modification of the city’s four-year financial plan


Cutting the Deficit Gets Ugly

Nov 16, 2009

Image by YH Huang, door photo (cc) ravages Last week, at Gov. David Paterson's order, the state paid legislators thousands of dollars to hold a special session to cut the state