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The New Battle Against Gentrification

Aug 24, 2007

The battle between Robert Moses and the West Village activists led by Jane Jacobs in the 1960s set the tone for how struggles over development in New York City are played out


Crumbling Systems

Aug 13, 2007

From the a steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan to the paralysis of the city's subway system last week, New York's underlying structure seems more fragile


Neighborhoods and the Fiscal Boom

Aug 07, 2007

"By virtually every measure, our economy is firing on all cylinders, " Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently told the State Financial Control Board, which has overseen city finances since the 1970s

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Taking A.C.T.I.O.N. at The Point

Jul 30, 2007

Joseph Gilmore is what they call a “Point Baby.” He started out at the Point Community Development Corporation in 1996, when he was 10 years old. He participated in


Programs for Safer Homes

Jul 25, 2007

Unbeknownst to many residents, the basement of the building at 312 Manhattan Avenue in West Harlem was the site of cockfights and a marijuana lab, complete with a secret growing


A Tough Month for Housing Advocates

Jun 29, 2007

June is always a busy month for housing. The Rent Guidelines Board’s annual deliberations culminate with a final vote on how much rents can increase on the city’s almost one

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Change Reaches the City's Edge

Jun 11, 2007

The Rockaway Peninsula: Isolation within the city limits For close to a quarter of a century Richard George has sat at the kitchen table of his bungalow in the Rockaways and

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Atlantic Yards and the Sustainability Test

Jun 05, 2007

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-term sustainability plan, (PlaNYC2030), is aimed at stemming global warming and promoting energy efficiency by concentrating new construction near transit hubs and using green building technology. At

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Stated Meeting – Street Names Sparks Heated Debate

Jun 04, 2007

Despite a demonstration on the steps of City Hall and apparent racial division among its members, the City Council excluded the revered and rebuked Sonny Carson from a street-naming bill

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