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The Long Fight to End Homelessness

Sep 22, 2008

A landmark settlement. A critical report. Calls to action. Photo Courtney Gross/Gotham Gazette In the last months, homeless advocates and city officials have seen an array of steps forward - and

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Cutting the High Cost of Housing

Sep 16, 2008

Photo (cc) Mr. 119th StreetHousing in New York is so expensive partly due to building expenses. Even as the housing market falters in much of the nation, houses and apartments in

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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Long-term Costs of Short-term Planning

Sep 10, 2008

Photo by Joe Woolhead, courtesy of WTC Documentary Arts Project On the seventh anniversary of 9/11, the public hand-wringing about delays in the rebuilding effort offers yet the latest evidence that

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Stated Meeting: Cooling City Streets

Aug 18, 2008

The burst of cool air aimed at luring impulse buyers off of city streets will now come with a cost. The City Council approved legislation Thursday that would fine

The Bronx's Secret Shore

Jul 28, 2008

Map courtesy of Jim Manning's Our Old NeighborhoodA 1950s snapshot from the heyday of the Bronx Beach and Pool Club, now closed. ALSO: Touring the Urban Riviera:An audio slide show of New

Coney Island's Latest Roller Coaster Ride

Jul 28, 2008

Photo by Gail RobinsonAbove, participants in last month's Mermaid Parade pay homage to Coney Island landmarks. In a city with its share of eccentrics, Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade is like

Preserving Public Housing that Works

Jun 25, 2008

Photo (cc) Richard Alexander CaraballoPublic housing in the New York, home to over 400,000 people, faces rising costs and federal cutbacks. Should the city step in? Public housing that works is

A House Divided in Washington Heights

Jun 23, 2008

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