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lawmakers seek to crack down on illegal hotels

Mar 16, 2010

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 A room in the so-called Candy Hostel, one of three apartment buildings now used a budget hotels. The "Candy Hostel" on Manhattan's Upper West boasts of being New

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Eminent Domain Changes Seek to Limit State's Power to Seize Property

Feb 04, 2010

en321 The owner of a storage facility near Columbia University has challenged the university's use of eminent domain to take his property. When Henry Weinstein bought a commercial building at 752 Pacific

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In Kingsbridge: Will Derailing a Bad Project Lead to a Good One?

Jan 22, 2010

Photo (cc) http://www.flickr.com/photos/atomische/ If you only caught the last act of the show, it would be easy to attribute the City Council’s unprecedented 45-1 rejection of the Related Companies'

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Sour Holiday

Dec 14, 2009

Photo Courtney Gross Holiday cheer seemed to echo across the country Friday when the U.S. Census Bureau announced retail sales had increased 1.3 percent in November compared to the previous month. Strike

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Foreclosures Continue to Threaten Neighborhoods

Nov 30, 2009

Photo (cc) dominic bartolini Predatory lending signs in Bedford Stuyvesant Hugh Thomas stands tall (more than six feet) just outside of Jamaica's Neighborhood Housing Services -- a local nonprofit charged with solving

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Kingsbridge Armory and the Dance Around ULURP

Nov 10, 2009

Image from Curbed This month the City Council will be the scene of a showdown in a long-brewing battle between one of the city's biggest developers on one side and a

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Going for the Gold

Sep 28, 2009

Photo by Kimberlee Hewitt for nyc.gov Bloomberg, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, and NYC2012 announce Olympic Village design winners. 'Money, Power, Politics' This is excerpted and adapted from the new book “Mike Bloomberg:

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Democratic Mayoral Candidates Would Plan from the Bottom Up

Aug 17, 2009

As they seek to chip away at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's many advantages in this year's mayoral race, his challengers hope to find votes in communities throughout the city where residents

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Closing the Landmarks Loophole

Jul 29, 2009

Photo from Save St. Brigid St. Brigid's Church in the lower east side was recently saved from demolition by an independent wealthy donor. Correction: When first published a caption in this story

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