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Photo of Joyce  Johnson

Joyce Johnson (D)

  • Funds Raised: $43,455.00
    Source: New York City Campaign Finance Board


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    declared running for:

    City Council for District 7 (Campaign Website)

    OTHER CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR City Council for District 7:

    Robert Jackson (D, WF) Subject to term limits in 2013 (won general election) · Alicia D. Barksdale (D) (declared) · Mark T. Otto (D) (declared) · Zead Ramadan (D) (declared) · Luis M. Tejada (D) (declared) · Mark Levine (D, WF) (declared) · Manuel Lantigua (D) (declared) · Ruben Dario Vargas (D) (declared) · David Sasscer-Burgos (D) (declared) · 

    defeated in primary running for:

    U.s. Representative for District 15 (Campaign Website)

    OTHER CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR U.s. Representative for District 15:

    Michael Faulkner (R, C) (defeated in general election) · Adam Clayton Powell (D) (defeated in primary) · Charles B. Rangel (D, WF) (won general election) · Jonathan Tasini (D) (defeated in primary) · Ruben Dario Vargas (D) (defeated in primary) · Craig Schley (I, VOTE People Change) (defeated in general election) · Roger Calero (SWP) (defeated in general election) ·